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Los Picos de Europa National Park

The Picos de Europa offer an impressive display of wild nature. Its rugged peaks, deep valleys, and gorges create a unique mountain landscape. With heights reaching up to 2,600 meters, this geographical wonder attracts hikers and mountaineers in search of thrilling challenges. Its green meadows and lush forests host rich biodiversity.

Moreover, crystal-clear rivers and lakes provide opportunities for water activities and fishing.

The romantic charm of mountain villages, cultural richness, and delightful local cuisine complete the experience, making the Picos de Europa an unforgettable destination for those who yearn for a connection with nature.

You can find more comprehensive information on their official website.

Beaches of Eastern Asturias

Within 25 km from the hotel, you can find stunning beaches.

Torimbia Beach with its golden sand and imposing cliffs, or the unique Gulpiyuri Beach, a hidden gem in the interior.

You can also enjoy the lively atmosphere of Sablón Beach in Llanes.

Don’t miss the incredible rock formations of Cobijeru Beach and the tranquility of Ballota Beach.

Gastronomic Routes

We can recommend cheese routes in Cabrales, Gamoneu, etc. As well as guide you to typical local ‘chigres’ where you can taste cider and home-made cuisine, all the way up to the highest levels of gourmet and signature cuisine.

The typical Asturian cuisine is a delight for lovers of authentic flavors. Its emblematic dishes include fabada asturiana (Asturian bean stew), pote asturiano (Asturian stew), cachopo (breaded and fried meat) and arroz con leche (rice pudding).

Private Spanish Lessons

Embrace the opportunity to learn Spanish while surrounded by the stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Asturias. Don’t miss out on this unique chance to make your Spanish getaway even more memorable with a professional tutor. Add a Spanish lesson package to your stay and unlock a deeper connection to the heart and soul of Spain!

Local Livestock

The people of the area mainly live off livestock and agriculture, so the environment contains all the elements of Asturian rural life.

Here, traditional customs and traditions are proudly upheld, and the local livestock produces famous cheeses like Gamoneu, Cabrales, and Beyos.

The village

Mestas de Con is part of the municipality of Cangas de Onís, in the eastern area of Asturias. Surrounded by the majesty of the Picos de Europa, it stands out for its natural beauty and the tranquility that permeates its lush landscapes.

This charming village hosts examples of popular architecture, such as the characteristic granaries (‘hórreos’) and the Romanesque church of San Pedro de Con, declared a Property of Cultural Interest.

Thanks to its privileged location, Mestas de Con is the perfect starting point for exploring the nature and culture of the region. From the famous Ruta del Cares to Arenas de Cabrales, Covadonga with its Lakes and Basilica, the historic Roman bridge of Cangas de Onís over the Sella River, and even the stunning beaches of Llanes; all these places of great interest are located near Mestas de Con.

Routes and Activities

In the surroundings of Cangas de Onís, you will find a variety of routes and adventure activities to fully enjoy nature.

The famous Ruta del Cares will take you through steep gorges and spectacular landscapes. If you’re seeking water thrills, you can go kayaking down the Sella River.

For hiking enthusiasts, the Covadonga Lakes offer stunning natural beauty.

Horseback riding, quad biking, canoe descents, paddle surfing on the beaches, canyoning… this diverse range of options will allow you to enjoy unique adventures and unforgettable experiences in this exceptional natural environment.

Festivals and Events

  • Virgin of Covadonga Festival (September 8th): Patron Saint of Asturias. Religious ceremonies take place at the Covadonga Basilica, along with various festivities throughout the area.

  • International Descent of the Sella River (August): A canoeing competition on the Sella River that attracts participants and spectators from around the world.

  • Cangas de Onís Cheese Festival (June/July): A fair dedicated to Asturian cheese, where local producers showcase their most famous varieties like Gamoneu and Cabrales.

  • Shepherd’s Festival (August): A tribute to the life and work of shepherds, featuring sheep shearing demonstrations, traditional games, and tastings of typical food.



    It’s important to note that event dates may vary from year to year, so it’s recommended to verify specific dates before planning your visit.


Below, we provide you with some local restaurants and shops where you can enjoy gastronomy and buy local products near our hotel.

Casa María


985 94 40 24

Home-cooked and generous meals. They offer à la carte and daily menus. It’s advisable to make reservations during the high season.

C. Mestas de Con, s/n, 33550 Mestas de Con, Asturias 

Casa Luis


A small supermarket where you can find high-quality products at good prices to stock up during your stay in the village.

C. Mestas de Con, s/n, 33550 Mestas de Con, Asturias 

Bar Casa Anabel


A family-friendly bar and restaurant with a great atmosphere and lots of charm.

33556 Llano de Con, Asturias


985 94 30 57

A restaurant specializing in grilled dishes. They offer à la carte and daily menus, and the location is unbeatable.

Carretera San Martin, s/n. 33556 Mestas de Con, Asturias

Restaurant-Cider house

985 849 055

Beans cooked following grandma’s recipe, chorizos cooked in cider, hot soups in the midst of winter, typical and flavorful cachopos… everything you want to taste and much more.

C/ San Pelayo, 28 – Cangas de Onís, 33550, Asturias


985 849109

Modern versions of seafood dishes and Asturian stews, Cabrales cheese, and natural ciders from the region.

P.º del Río Güeña, 2, 33550 Cangas de Onís, Asturias