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Hi, I’m Patricia.

Welcome to Sucuevas! Our peaceful corner in the Asturian mountains.

I am delighted to lovingly manage and oversee Hotel Rural Sucuevas, my family home, a historic house that I restored in the year 2000 to share its charm and to make every guest feel like a part of our family.

My mission is for you to feel at home, surrounded by nature, and to soak in the tranquility that we breathe here.

I aim to bring back the human touch often lost in larger hotels, which is why we enjoy getting to know you, learning your preferences, and recommending the most special places for your stay to be unique and full of memorable moments.

"If you're looking for more than just a room to sleep in, if you yearn for an experience where you feel cared for and appreciated, I'll be delighted to welcome you to Sucuevas."


Deep within this tranquil rural setting, a touching tale of love and determination is woven into the history of my grandparents, Pedro Suero and Trini González, who, though uncle and niece, decided to embark on a journey to Cuba in search of a better life.

At their departure, Pedro Suero promised to return with wealth to acquire the grandest house in the village, despite the mockery of the neighbors.

Over time, my grandparents thrived in business, establishing a coffee roastery, a confectionery, and a pastry shop in Cuba.

During the pregnancy of their second daughter, they decided to return to Llano de Con.

Indeed, my grandfather Pedro was able to purchase the finest house in the area (which belonged to a distinguished family), complete with a granary, chapel, and mill. Gradually, he acquired the adjoining estates, expanding his dominion until it encompassed a breathtaking panorama.

Later, during the Civil War, the peaceful harmony of this valley was threatened, and my grandfather was forced to live hidden in the house’s mill to preserve his life.

Through their courage and effort, my grandparents left behind a legacy of love and perseverance that remains etched in the heart of this welcoming house.